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Life Happens…

After much deliberation, my husband and I relocated (again) to the Mother City earlier this year.  I’ve been quiet online since then as I was on the road (and in the sky) travelling between PE, Cape Town, and Germany where I taught some English and Ashtanga Yoga at Inke’s ( I guess I didn’t really know what to say or what I could offer. I became something I never thought I was: a travelling yogi, and now I have something I never thought I would have: a full-time job.

Time management is tricky and things have been pretty topsy-turvy for a while now, but we’ve settled nicely in Woodstock and I stroll on over to to practice nearly every morning before work. I’m now offering private classes and retreats as well as collaborating with my teacher in Germany for future projects.

I’m now offering private classes in Cape Town and retreats along the Garden Route/Karoo (keep your eyes peeled) as well as collaborating with my teacher in Germany for future projects.

My plan to build a yoga studio in my hometown didn’t quite pan out, but I guess as John Lennon mused, “life happens when you’re making other plans,” and all you can do is stay flexible and breathe.



letting go of the story

If you want to change something, let go of the story you’ve created.

I’ve recently moved back home after living abroad for almost 4 years. I learned a lot in my time in overseasland: a new language and culture, Ashtanga yoga, how not to be a wife, how to save a marriage, what I don’t like about myself, and why I deserve to be loved as I am.

However, what I haven’t learned is how to stop justifying my existence. I’m currently attending an Asthanga Yoga intensive with Zephyr Mercer in Cape Town, a city I have a love-hate relationship with. I have a love-hate relationship with most things, especially myself. I’ve been practicing on my own for a few months now since I left Germany and my last trip to Mysore, and being back in the room with a qualified teacher has made me have a little look at myself through the practice and ask the question: why am I resigned to the position that I will never be able to do certain asanas because of my history of poor health?

Today the answer is: because I am scared of what I am without the story I’ve told myself. Because I love the story and hate myself for not feeling like I’m good enough as I am.

So let’s re-hash the story to give you some context: I’ve had digestion issues my whole life. Doctors couldn’t figure out what was wrong with me. I went from specialist to specialist to psychologist and back to specialists. I had all the tests, pipes in awkward places, pills and eventually an emergency operation to remove a part of small intestine that had lost its peristalsis and was twisting around threatening to explode. So, at the tender age of 16, they removed a part of my small intestine that had, in effect, died and sent me on my way. Then there was the difficult healing process, infections, bleeding, and the iron treatment. Fast forward several years, the doctors couldn’t confirm a diagnosis or deny the issue any longer. Long story short: I started keeping a food diary and practicing yoga and tried to manage the rest with iron tablets, blood tests and being brutally honest with myself.

No one told me I had to change, but unless I changed my lifestyle, I was always going to be sick and in pain. I stopped drinking, started sleeping more, changed my diet and began practicing Ashtanga yoga. Everything is much better now. I would go as far as to say I’m healthy!  Why do I hang onto this story as a reason for my hips being tight and my current inability to put my leg behind my head in Second Series? Why am I so determined to let my past affect my future and determine what I will and won’t be able to do? Why am I so afraid to be where I am?

Today’s answer: because I can’t do the posture yet and feel I need an excuse as to why I’m not progressing, so let’s hold onto my story.

Truth: The story has shaped a lot of decisions I have made and still do make because it’s something I live with, but if I’m being honest, my diseased bowel has nothing to do with me getting into Eka Pada Sirsasana. It’s actually fine if you can’t do something just yet.

Today,  a mirror was lovingly held in front of me and I can now see there is a difference between something that’s affecting me now that I need to acknowledge and a story from long ago that I’m carrying with me. My hips are tight and it’s going to take longer than I want it to, so what? If we want to change, evolve, improve and accept what is, we have to let go of the story we’ve told ourselves. We won’t disappear. We will continue to Be; we’ll just have less to say about ourselves. And, what a relief for the Ego!

Ashtanga Intensive in the Bay

A week-long Ashtanga Intensive from Monday, 27th Feb – Friday, 3rd March at Art on Target in Port Elizabeth. Build your own sustainable yoga practice that you can do anywhere! Beginners are welcome!

5 x morning Mysore Style: 6:30-8:30 | Monday – Friday.
You can arrive at any point from 6:30am onwards and practice until 8:30am – perfect for early birds and parents who’ve just dropped the kids at school!
2x technique classes: Tues (28/02) & Thurs (02/03): 18:00-19:15.

R750 for all morning Mysore and technique classes (x7)
R550 for morning Mysore only
R300 for 2x technique classes only
Early Bird Price: R650 for all classes if you book before 24th February!
*Min 6 people are required to confirm in order to host the course.
*Max 10 people in either morning or evening sessions to ensure individual attention and maximum benefit.

Yoga Weekend Getaway at Koedoeskop

Join us for a Digital Detox and Yoga Retreat at Koedoeskop Private Mountain Reserve – just a 2-hour drive from Port Elizabeth.  Although the lodge is equipped with WiFi, the reserve is nestled in the heart of the malaria-free Eastern Cape where you’ll be surrounded by an oasis of unspoiled nature with no cellphone reception. This retreat is designed to help you fully unwind and reconnect with yourself and the simple things in life. Continue reading “Yoga Weekend Getaway at Koedoeskop”

Christmas Special!

As December holidays and Christmas approaches, loads of us are going away or are busy with family festivities, but we’d still like to get on our mats and keep calm and healthy.

So, our gift to you this festive season: student rates for everyone! Yes, that’s right!
December Monthly Unlimited: R450
1x a week (4/5 lessons): R280 

All classes will run as usual except for the holidays 25th, 26th and 31st Dec.

Valid from the 30th November 2016
Contact Tamaryn on 072 492 2722 if you’d like to start yoga this summer!

Ashtanga Yoga Weekend Workshop

Ashtanga Yoga Weekend Workshop in Port Elizabeth

Take the opportunity to start or re-ignite your yoga practice with international KPJAYI Authorised teacher, Inke Shenar. Continue reading “Ashtanga Yoga Weekend Workshop”

Secret Santa Yoga Party @ EPCH

Christmas is coming up and we would like to spread a little loving kindness in our community!

What’s a Secret Santa Yoga Party?
We’ll have a free 1-hour yoga session on the sports fields at EPCH followed by a little Christmas party before the schools close. Continue reading “Secret Santa Yoga Party @ EPCH”

Sunrise Yoga Summer Feast

 Start your weekend with a breath of fresh air, good food and positive vibes!


Join us for an early-morning yoga session followed by a delicious and healthy vegetarian breakfast buffet!
Animal Welfare will receive 20% of all ticket sales so they can continue helping sick and homeless animals in our community. Continue reading “Sunrise Yoga Summer Feast”

Beginner’s Yoga Courses in November

The beginner’s courses at Bay Yoga Club offer a gentle introduction into the breath and postures of Ashtanga Yoga. Numbers are limited so contact us now to secure your spot!

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